Here is a short animation that myself and Simon Donnelly were commissioned to make for the song 'How The Beat Was Tempered', by The Casanova Wave.

My experience of animating before this, was, in total, less than a minutes worth. What was a great start, was that we were allowed to come up with the idea, and how we were going to make it. So, we decided that we would just have a simple story of following a bird..and we definitely wanted to make it predominantly stop-motion. Simon has done a bit more animating, and had more of an idea of editing it altogether. The technical bits..not my strong point. I'd say the amount we spent on materials..about 3euro. A second hand book for the road, and a bit of tape to hold the city together long enough to shoot...just about

Click on image for 'making of' slideshow
Click here to view the video