The first drawing is on a A0 sheet of brown paper, and was done with pencil, pen, and chalk. It was selected to be shown in the Limerick School of Art and Design Drawing awards exhibiton, and was given the Charles Harper award.

The second set of drawings were pretty big, and on newsprint..to be honest, i forget to measure how big they were. The first one was about..eh.if you stretch your arms out..that's probably the width of it. Yep, that's as accurate as it's going to get i'm afraid.

The final few. Yep, a music shop. Thats what it's meant to be anyway. More of a mess, in a room, and a few musical instruments lying about. This took a few weeks altogether, and is a bit of pen, chalk, and pencil. Forget the dimensions again, but, eh, don't stretch you arms fully out, and thats about it..yep, i need to buy a ruler.

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