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Choosing a substitute for a face primer

Primer forms a protective layer over skin, which seals in and preserves any treatment product you use during your everyday skincare regime. It retains makeup and many experts agree it is a must for total beauty routine.

The next time you go to the drug shop, bypass the cosmetics section and its precious small bottles and go to the female product aisle. Seriously, you find a super-secret product for skin preparation nestled between the maxi pads and the lubricant, and pick up some antifungal powder gel. Some companies that treat yeast infection make these gels to avoid chaffing on your tender skin.

How you should be Choosing a substitute for a face primer

Apply anti-fishing gel on your face in the same way that you would be using the expensive first. Start with clean skin and glide gently over a small amount of powdered gel on your face, using your fingertips. Let your gel dry for a couple of minutes and then apply your make-up normally and you’re good to go.

Aloe Vera gel makes a significant primary replacement. It is used to hydrate the skin and to smooth out the surface of skin, and to reduce pores. Many people do not know that these primers do particular things.

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Why does it work?

Antiviral gel is a silicone which gives a dry, powdery sensation to the gel. The applied of a layer of primer or chip gel provides a buffer on your skin, so that you can smoothly smooth out the rough points on your face and help your makeup glide more smoothly and evenly.


If you take choppy gel, make sure that you do not unintentionally take a cream from a yeast infection in your hassle to get off the aisle of embarrassment. You are looking to get a gel, not a cream. Do not try a female product which says it has anti fungal or anti-itches properties.

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