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What is the purpose of a makeup primer?

Primers were based and with good reason. But many people do not really understand the true intent of the make-up primary and why and how to use make-up primary. Many of us don’t own a primary, many miss the move and many just escape confusion about how to use. As any make-up product, Primer also has a meaning and a very noble one.

Key reasons of using a makeup primer

Primer’s main function is to smooth the skin and make it look polished and even. Consider preparing your skin to build a toilet for the make-up you put on your face. The first one fills the pores, blurs our blemishes and gives the skin smoothness. Think of primer as a foundation for adhering to the make-up. It protects the skin by serving as a barrier and also leads to make-up longer.

Primer Styles

Primers come in the form of silky cream and gel. These can be coloured or tinted. Primers for the face and primers for the eyes are available. But most facial primers are tinted and the skin tone/color can be balanced. Face primers may be tinted or not. The role of the products is to make your skin smooth and beautiful and make it last.

Face primers cover the broad and noticeable pores that make the skin look polished and even toned. The first eye serves as the foundation for the eyeshadow and helps to hold it on. It also pays off better colour. Some beauty companies also have makeup for oily skin, dry skin and mixed skin. You should select the best first for your form of skin.

What to use makeup first

Using a maquillage primer, the skin is smooth and flawless. Using the primers followed by the base or BB Cream after the CTM routine.

You may also wear the first alone if you just want to eliminate pores and don’t want to makeup layer. Only add primer and set it for a natural look with fastening powder or compact.

When applying a makeup primer

Primer is to be applied to clean and hydrated skin. Always make sure that you use the appropriate moisturizer before applying the primer. Wait a few minutes before you start to get the humidifier into the skin.

Use a finger to take a small amount of substance and dot it all over the face or only in the places where extra large pores are present. These are the areas that are oily and do not allow for a long maquillage. The most common trouble areas are nose, chin and forehead. Big pores on cheeks are also easily visible.

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