gel nail extensions

What is difference between gel vs acrylic nails?

The Nails are the best friend of any woman’s. They are elegant, trendy and make you have good and hard to replace feeling. Although crushing colorful and well-managed clots is so easy, you will face the toughest decisions if you go into a nail salon for a manicure. This dilemma exists because there are only so many options and you generally want them all.

olive oil

Different ways to strengthen nails with olive oil

Brittle nails are very popular and many of us have been faced with this dilemma. Although it is more likely with long nails, broken nails appear to occur even when the centre of your nails is cut. Brittle nails are a condition which occurs because of the nail and cuticle drying. However, you can do a lot with ways to strengthen nails with olive oil.

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