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painting your nails with white polish

White Nail Designs for a Perfect Manicure

Even if you’re not a fan of painting your nails, there’s no denying the appeal of a well-executed mani. And with white nail polish being one of this season’s hottest shades, there’s no better time to try some cool white nail designs. These ideas will help you achieve the perfect polished look, from minimalist French tips to more intricate patterns. So take a peek and get inspired!

gel nail extensions

What is difference between gel vs acrylic nails?

The Nails are the best friend of any woman’s. They are elegant, trendy and make you have good and hard to replace feeling. Although crushing colorful and well-managed clots is so easy, you will face the toughest decisions if you go into a nail salon for a manicure. This dilemma exists because there are only so many options and you generally want them all.

olive oil

Different ways to strengthen nails with olive oil

Brittle nails are very popular and many of us have been faced with this dilemma. Although it is more likely with long nails, broken nails appear to occur even when the centre of your nails is cut. Brittle nails are a condition which occurs because of the nail and cuticle drying. However, you can do a lot with ways to strengthen nails with olive oil.


What do you mean by cologne vs perfume?

You will still notice several different bottles sizes and varying prices for each fragrance while visiting the nearby fragrance stores. Not only that, others are branded as ‘perfume’ and a handful of ‘colognes,’ as there is always a large price gap. ‘Cologne’ is a rather diluted ‘perfume’ version.

carrier oil

Easiest way to make perfume at home

Perfume production was once an art performed by large segments of the population. Almost every woman knew how to manufacture their own perfume and they didn’t have to go to a store to get the fragrance they needed. Sadly, something has changed over the last few decades and the practice of perfumery has almost vanished.

hire of artists

What are the Reasons to trust your makeup artist

Have you seen the reasoning for hiring your wedding day a makeup artist or a hair stylist? While there are many reasons to employ a make-up artist AND wedding hair stylists, they are both rooted in finding your best on your special day. Wedding pictures and the hire of artists will always remind you to ensure that you are flawless and stunning.

reduce itching

Tips to reduce itching after shaving legs

Shaving can be painful for people with dry skin, in particular. People with dry skin are more likely to become skin irritated, and rashing may increase the problem if they do not follow the correct rashing regime. It then contributes steadily to rasher burns, bumps, swallowed hair and cuttings.

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