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Tips to choose a towel for my face

Think about how you try to pick your clothing. Or the requirements that you look for when purchasing your apartment furniture. Do you know what to look for if you want a towel that is useful for any household during the day? Until you start dealing with important topics, you should note that the towel that meets your standards is the most appropriate towel for you. Therefore the standards can differ according to the location and intended usage of the towel.

For choosing the appropriate face towel that suits you generally, it is necessary to understand the labels and choose a quality towel…

  1. cotton towelThe content is important! The content is important!

Naturally, the first thing you note about labels is the product content. Materials like cotton, bamboo or microfiber can be used in towels. Although the material has its own properties, naturalness and rapid water absorption, cotton is the most common material. Cotton is soft in its design, water absorption and fast drying time give a comfortable application in sheets, towels and towels.

  1. Manufacture

Unfortunately, the choice of fabric is not appropriate for a good quality towel. A cotton towel plays an important role in deciding the consistency of the towel from the selection of cotton from the field to reaching the consumer. Various factors affecting towel quality, such as one or two layers of fabric or knitted, thread, paint, etc., may be purchased on shelves.

  1. Weight

GSM is another printout on the towel label. GSM is a gram per square meter abbreviation. The weight and density of all textiles are different. Mostly between 300 and 900 GSM. However we cannot assume that the towel’s GSM ratio affects consistency directly. Depending on the application, the towel density can vary. When picking a kitchen towel, you can choose a lighter towel and you can choose a lighter towel after a swim.

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